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Hathaway Marine Surveyors
47 Hawthorne Court
Cumberland Center, ME 04021
T: (207) 489-9383

Member, The National Association of Marine Surveyors
Brian M. Hathaway, NAMS-CMS

Marine Survey Pricing

We offer competitive prices and use a simple pricing system with no add-ons or extra fees.

Most surveyors quote their prices on a dollar/foot of boat length basis. This sounds simple, and it would be simple if all boats were the same. Unfortunately they are not and the actual survey price becomes a matter of judgement and varies somewhat from boat to boat.

A 30' twin screw cabin cruiser, loaded with electronics and accessories, will take much longer to evaluate than a 30', lightly equipped, sailboat. Inboard powered vessels require more investigation time than outboard types due to the presence of the exhaust system, shaft log, fuel tank, hull penetrations, etc.

In general, pre-purchase surveys range from $16.00 to $22.00 per foot of overall length while the less involved insurance survey will cost between $14.00 and $18.00 per foot.

Note: With all older boats, we spend the first hour or so investigating certain aspects of the boat that could adversely affect its insurability and/or its fair market value. If serious problems/conditions are apparent, we will stop work and contact you by telephone or email. You then will have the option of having us continue or end the survey. If you choose to end the survey, you will be billed a flat fee of $200.00 USD + agreed to expenses.

Call us for a quote and we'll give you a "not-to-exceed" price and not merely a cost-per-foot rate. There will be no hidden after-charges. If you're price comparing, make sure that you ask each surveyor, "How much do I write the check for?"